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Pics. that are cool!!!!

These are pictures that i like. look at them. or else. grrrrrrrr.

This is yummy looking. i want some!!! that chocolate feather is cool.

so yummy!!! look at wat the dessert is on top of. it makes it look like the dessert is on a magic carpet!!!

metai!!!! i NEED IT!! but i do think i prefer daisi metai over this.....

it looks soooo good. i want it sooo bad.

this is my FAVORITE!! it is made out of chocolate (thats wat it looks like) and it looks just like pyramids!!! the ground is also a nice touch.

which way is the bus going, right or left? yes, there is a correct answer. preschoolers got it correct.

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Sample Photo 8

Sample Photo 9

Sample Photo 10

Sample Photo 11

Sample Photo 12